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Preserving Our Agricultural Heritage

Who settled Springfield Township?

Springfield Township was settled by Quakers. Our local Townships were set up Nov. 6, 1688 as "constabularies" within the tenths and these were Nottingham, Chesterfield, Mansfield, Springfield, Wellingborrow, Nothampton, Chester and Eversham within what would become Burlington County in 1694. Nottingham would be cut off with the formation on Mercer County and Chester would be reduced in size and become Moorestown.

When was Springfield Township founded?

The first Burlington County Townships to receive charter status were Chesterfield, Jan 10, 1713 and Springfield Township Jan 13, 1713. A Royal Charter is a formal document issued by a monarch as letters patent, granting a right or power to an individual or a body corporate. They were, and are still, used to establish significant organizations such as cities or universities. Charters should be distinguished from warrants and letters of appointment, as they have perpetual effect. Of the 980 Royal Charters issued by the British Monarchy, about 400 remain in existence. 2013 marked the 325th anniversary of the formation of Burlington County's original towns and the 300th anniversary of the first Royal Charters granted to Burlington County towns.

How many acres does Springfield Township encompass?

30.001 square miles or 19,200 acres in a nearly triangular shape.

What was the number one industry in Springfield Township?

Of all the townships in the county, this is perhaps the most essentially agricultural, there being no manufacturers of any kind carried on except wagon building and repairing, and pursuits immediately connected with farming.

How has the population of Springfield Township grown over the years?

In 1840 the population was 1,632 and in 1870 it was 1,766 [see book]

Are there farm stands in Springfield Township where I can buy locally grown produce?

See 2011 Farm Fair book.

How did Springfield Township get its name?

The derivation of the name is not known. However, there were numerous springs located throughout the township and the settlers may well have named it after a recent home from which they moved in Springfield, Connecticut.

Was Springfield Township ever known by any other name?

Birch Creek

When was Springfield Township settled?

Between 1682 and 1695 immigrants from Yorkshire, Derbyshire, and adjoining counties in England and also by settlers from Rhode Island and Long Island. [how about Springfield, Connecticut? see above]

Are there villages within Springfield Township?

Juliustown, Jobstown and Jacksonville are the three principal villages in Springfield Township.

Are there any Quaker Meetinghouses remaining in Springfield Township?

At one time, Springfield Township had four Quaker Meetinghouses, more than any other community. Today, three remain.

What creeks run through Springfield Township?

The Assiscunk forms the northern boundary of the town, Barkers Creek (formerly known as Mattacopany Creek), and North Run (formery called Tomlinsons Run).

How has Farmland Preservation impacted Springfield Township?

Burlington County has preserved more than 200 farms, totaling more than 25,000 acres. Farmland preserved in Springfield totals 5,764 acres, more that 30% of the township. Burlington County has the highest amount of preserved acreage in the State of New Jersey. Studies have confirmed that saving land from sprawl and high-density development is a better deal for taxpayers, especially when you factor in the cost of providing services to development. Springfield Township, with its 10-acre minimum requirement per home, further adds to the preservation of farmland over and above the County program. For more information about farmland preservation go to the county or state preservation sites.